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Milkyway by -kent-




The Crab Nebula (M1) in X-ray

This image gives the first clear view of the faint boundary of the Crab Nebula’s X-ray-emitting pulsar wind nebula. The nebula is powered by a rapidly rotating, highly magnetized neutron star, or pulsar (white dot near the center). The combination of rapid rotating and strong magnetic field generates an intense electromagnetic field that creates jets of matter and anti-matter moving away from the north and south poles of the pulsar, and an intense wind flowing out in the equatorial direction.

The inner X-ray ring is thought to be a shock wave that marks the boundary between the surrounding nebula and the flow of matter and antimatter particles from the pulsar. Energetic electrons and positrons (antielectrons) move outward from this ring to brighten the outer ring and produce an extended X-ray glow.

Credit: NASA/Harvard/Chandra


Red Sea cave by pettittalison Link: http://ift.tt/1oyBmzM

Stop otherkin hate


For some people it’s religious

For some it’s spiritual

For some it’s a coping mechanism

For some it’s related to mental illness

For some it’s the only thing that makes them happy

And for others it’s just another part of who they are

Why would you try and take that away from someone?


I decided to make a concept sketch of the evil Countess Lucario who I thought would fit perfectly as some sort of villain, and a wielder of a darker counterpart of Aegislash. uvu

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